80 $

  • EUR: 73 €
  • PLN: 309 zł


Chihuahua sculpture is 100%
hand-carved dog heads made by sculptor artist.

80 $

  • EUR: 73 €
  • PLN: 309 zł

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Description are 100% hand carved dog heads made by a sculptor artist. Every KUFA. was made in one copy, from which we removed the silicone mold to then make castings. We take care of every detail and guarantee handmade, which is why KUFA is the perfect addition to any interior. We believe that through art we can help homeless animals. So part of every sale of the sculpture will be donated to charity auctions for needy animals. You can read about our auctions on our social media profiles.

The size of the sculpture CHIHUAHUA
length – 19 cm x width – 11 cm x height – 9.5 cm
wooden box size:
length – 24 cm x width – 18 cm x height – 14 cm
weight with box – 2 kg

We pack our product into a wooden box to make sure it comes to you in one piece!

The waiting time for order completion is a maximum of 14 business days!

We usually ship much faster, but it is safer to give ourrself more time to make KUFY, especially when we have a lot of orders.
We want your sculpture to be perfect – we hope you understand us 🙂

We need your phone number to send the package correctly. This will make it easier for the courier to contact you and in case of not finding you at home, the courier will be able to call you and make an appointment for the next delivery date convenient for you.

We are pleased to show your KUFA on our social profiles – so let’s stay in touch. If you feel like, please send us the pictures of the sculpture and we will gladly share them with you on our socials.

Thank you for your interest in our work
Greetings 🙂

Kasia and Bartek – the team


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 19 × 17 cm


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