Bronze Bullterrier

1 403 $

  • EUR: 1,274 €
  • PLN: 6,000 zł

Out of stock

Bronze Bullterrier

1 403 $

  • EUR: 1,274 €
  • PLN: 6,000 zł

Out of stock

Description is a brand founded by Katarzyna Fober and Bartłomiej Polak.

KUFAs are 100% hand-carved dog heads made by a sculptor. Every MUG. was made in a single copy, from which we removed the silicone mold to then make castings.

Each of our castings is unique and there are no two identical copies. Therefore, you can be sure that no one will have exactly the same sculpture as YOU!

Characteristic small air bubbles arising in the casting process and discoloration, and in the case of a bronze casting, a unique patina resulting from the natural process of creating sculptures, give them character and uniqueness.

We take care of every detail and guarantee hand-made, which is why KUFA is the perfect addition to the interior. We believe that through art we can help homeless animals. Thus, part of the proceeds from the sale of each sculpture will be donated to the organization of charity auctions for animals in need. You can read about the auctions we organize on our social profiles.

The visible Bull Terrier sculpture was made of bronze and cast by a professional foundry.
The sculptures presented in the photos are examples of our previous projects, but you can be sure that we make every effort to be satisfied with the final effect of our work! As artists, we take care of all the details and we never release a KUFA that we would not be happy with ourselves.

Bronze sculpture size

height – 22.5 cm x width – 17.5 cm x depth – 14 cm

weight: 6.5 kg

We pack our product in a cardboard box with a specially designed grid to make sure it arrives to you in one piece!

We would like to inform you that the cardboard box is not an object of sale, and is only intended to protect the sculpture during transport. Therefore, it may happen that the box will come to you slightly damaged, which will mean that it fulfilled its function in transport and protected the sculpture from being hit.

Carton box size:

length – 35 cm x width – 30 cm x height -25 cm

weight with box – 8.5 kg

The waiting time for the execution of the order is 6 WEEKS in the case of bronze! both for domestic and foreign orders. Bronze casting is handled by a professional foundry and this process cannot be rushed. That’s why we ask for thoughtful shopping and be patient!

The ordered sculpture may differ from those in the photos in the shade of patina and in this aspect the customer must trust us as artists, because we take part in the patina process and we always ensure a satisfactory final result. The sculptures presented in the photos are examples of our previous projects.

We need your phone number to send the package correctly. This will make it easier for the courier to contact you, and if he does not find you at home, he will be able to call you and arrange another convenient delivery date. You can send your number to or enter it in the order form when specifying the shipping address.

We will be happy to show your MUG on our social profiles – so let’s stay in touch. If you feel like it, send us photos of the sculpture to and we will be happy to share them.

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Best regards

Kasia and Bartek – the team

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 25 × 27 × 26 cm

Bronze Bullterrier

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