We create dog & cat sculptures

We create
dog & cat sculptures


absolutely new
bronze bullterrier sculpture

our dream of realizing a bronze sculpture has come true.
Finally, KUFAs are made of the noble material which is bronze!

After several months of intensive work
on the cat sculpture,
we can finally present the effects

check our new WOODEN bullterrier sculptures

wooden oak bullterrier

this sculpture is unique and made only in one copy - therefore the rule is first come first served

we combine sculpture
with design

we combine sculpture with design

Our numbers


six different continents

We are proud of the fact that our sculptures decorate the interiors
of our clients on six different continents!

Your satisfaction complements us

Few reviews from our satisfied customers

we help local shelters together with artists

We give our KUFAS to Polish creative Artists from music, graphic, tattoo, modeling and all pop cultural fields. Every sculpture is interpreted by them in one of it’s kind, original way, and going on a charity auction where all benefits are going to foundations which helps to save dogs


We take care of your orders

We take care of your orders,
that’s why we pack every sculpture in a wooden box or cardboard box to maximize the protection of the goods sent to you! The choice of protective packaging depends on the type of sculpture and the customer has no influence on the choice. We would like to kindly inform, that the wooden box and cardboard box in which we pack the sculptures, is not a transactional item and is only intended to protect the sculpture during transport. Therefore, we warn you that it may reach you damaged – it will mean that it has fulfilled its protective function, taking on itself the full force of any impact.


14 WORKING DAYS to make your order

We want do your sculpture perfectly,
So we will give ourselfs 14 working days for making your order.
Usually we are sending much quicker, but it’s safer give our self some
more time to do KUFA, especially when we have a lot of orders. 
We are honest with you from the beginning –
hope you understand us and 14 working days for you is not quite long.

from time to time you can read about us in various magazines and internet portals

it usually happens in our native websites and magazines, but it also happens on English-language websites.
We promise to work on it and improve it.
Anyway, using the translator, you can also read these articles written in Polish.

the future creates new ideas

In the future we have in plan to do much more breeds… so please stay with us !

You can also follow us on instagram and facebook.
There we share all info about new sculptures and photos from You. 

check our first cat sculpture

see the cutest Chihuahua sculpture

chihuahua figurine

See our collection of French Bulldogs.

Check if you love bullterriers!


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