Man as the parent species must remember that he shares the planet with animals on an equal footing.

We, as, are responsible in particular for the dogs' lives - because we love them and share a common space with them every day.


Responsibility – the key word in our little manifesto. But what does it mean and how to interpret it? What is it for us and what is our idea of being responsible? Responsibility is inseparably connected with helping others, and for us, above all, for helping animals in need. As dogs lovers, we have chosen as a point of honor to help our four-legged friends. It is also our way of life and meeting new, interesting people, just like us, who are fixed on dogs.
In the project, which we create as a couple, our needs for self-fulfillment on various planes have been brought together. In a wholeness that is constantly evolving. But from the beginning… was born in our heads during the Easter in 2017. We were returning home by car from the other end of Poland and noticed a limping dog on the way. We cannot be indifferent in such situations, so we decided to turn back and help. Finally, not to prolong the story, after several minutes, the dog came to the local shelter, where he waited for the vet to arrive. We moved on, but the whole situation made us think about how to combine our existing passions with the help of animals. We did not want to limit ourselves to one-time help just like in the case of the mentioned dog on the road. Although we could not do anything more in this case, we felt deep down that one-time help was not enough. As the administrator of the shelter assured us – the dog, if it comes out of the wounds, will be given to the owner, who will probably let him go unattended anyway.

This is how the outline of our activity was born. We knew one thing, we want to combine passion with responsibility – carve and cast our works, and at the same time help animals.

A few weeks past and we could scream – we got it! We came up with a name that perfectly illustrates what our products are (“kufa” is a Polish cynological term for canine snout) and we have refined the details of the project. However, from the creation of the idea and establishment of the business to the final product, it took almost the whole year before we learned to cast and prepare good forms for our sculptures.

Several dozen kilos of used silicone and plaster. Hundreds of hours spent working with material. Trials, mistakes and nerves, but also everyday satisfaction that we are getting closer to our desired goal every day.

In January 2018, we finally release a sculpture of a French Bulldog refined to the limit. And what? And nothing!

We do not count the first sales until July. For half a year, nobody bought the product to which we devoted the entire previous year.

A breakdown and a clean account. That’s how you can describe the first half of 2018.

However, stubbornness, faith and consistency allowed us to survive difficult times and we finally closed the year on a pretty nice plus, we didn’t have a loss. This is the most important thing. But even more important for us is the fact that we have conducted 4 solid charity auctions to help dogs.

We managed to invite four artists to cooperate, who interpreted our sculptures in their own unique and unusual way. Once again, we have had a little success – we have started a series of charity auctions and support needy dogs. During this year, we have taken root in the heads of many dogsoholic people in the country and in the world, and most importantly we have become responsible!

Today our passion has evolved into our work. KUFA decorates interiors in 22 countries on 5 continents. Bartek devotes himself to the company full-time. Kasia, due to her time at the university as a lecturer of Sculpture at the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts, cannot devote herself to working on KUFA throughout the week. With an own business, time spent on a company is often 12-16 hours a day. There is really a lot of work. However, the thought that we do what we like and live from it, drives us to act. We have a dream job. The company that we created from scratch alone, just the two of us. We help – this year, more auctions are waiting for us, with great artists who have already expressed their willingness to cooperate.

We are living in breakthrough times. We observe the bending of some species, while others are propagated on an industrial scale. Glaciers are melting before our eyes, and plastic is filling the oceans. Animals are cropping like plants – dog breeds, genetically modified for years, have birth defects. Pseudo kennels are emerging at an alarming rate. In various corners of the globe, dogs are tortured, killed and eaten, ritual mutilated. Unfortunately, we can write about it for a long time … Fortunately, on the other side there are people for whom empathy is one of the most important values in life. An infinite number of volunteers in foundations and shelters around the world. Vets saving every living creature. Ecologists, vegans, environmental activists … Times are groundbreaking, because right now in every home and in every heart there can be a transformation from materialism into a world of values. The time has come to be responsible for another person, for an animal, for the environment

We believe that to help another being and give it a piece of yourself, you don’t need to change your life drastically. Just take responsibility for your actions, try to repair your world in a microscale. If everyone begins to pay attention to the space around them and try to change it for the better, it may lead to action by other people. Help will be multiplied.

We are We believe, that through art, we can help animals. We combine sculpture with design, and this is our MANIFESTO.


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