We combine sculpture with design.

KUFA.design was founded two years ago to combine together sculpture and design space.


We needed one year to learn how to prepare a perfect mold for our first sculpture

We use high quality materials from one of the biggest american company ‘Smooth-on’.

All our products are eco friendly!

We love

We care for every detail and guarantee a manual accomplishment.

But what exactly does KUFA mean?

Just simply KUFA is a different name for a dog’s mouth – it’s the front part of the dog’s head, including viscerocranium.
KUFA is a polish kennel term. There was no way to named our company different.
KUFA perfectly connect our three passion SCULPTURE, DESIGN and DOGS.

Kasia Fober


Bartek Polak


why us?

We help you decor your home with unique dog sculptures

made by the hand of a sculptor artist.


Don't be shy to say hello


+48 518702149

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